Do you charge for advertising?

As part of our standard recruitment all online advertising costs are included in the placement fee. Additional charges apply should you choose to advertise within Print Media (Age, Herald-Sun, Local Newspaper).   Should you decide not to go through with a placement once the recruitment process is finalized, adverting will be charged to you at cost.

What areas do you specialise in?

We specialise in the recruitment of temporary, contract and permanent placements in the areas of Business, including Operational and Accounting support staff within ALL industry sectors.  We also have a strong association with several event set up specialists which enables us to provide experienced staff in this sector.

Why use a recruitment company?

We perform recruitment and selection processes for organizations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the employment processes. We provide temporary workers, temp-to-hire arrangements and permanent placements . Regardless of the employment type, there are advantages to employers’ use of staffing agencies, including expertise, cost, availability of workers and employee retention.

What areas do you service?

We provide recruitment assistance to clients throughout ALL Melbourne metropolitan areas.  We can also assist your business in NSW & SA.

How much will a temporary staff member cost?

The hourly rate of a temporary employee is dependent on the skills and expertise they are required to possess to complete the assignment. For industrial staff the hourly rate will depend on the EBA or award they work under.  Further details can be provided by contacting our office.

What happens if a candidate doesn’t work out?

On the rare occasion where a placed candidate doesn’t work out, a consultant from Group 1 Staffing will meet with both parties to determine the situation and to ensure a repeat situation isn’t possible. For permanent placements,  We  provide a three month guarantee period for rare instances such as this and will replace the candidate during this period at no additional cost.*

We  also provides a four hour guarantee period for temporary staff should the candidate placed not be suitable for the role.

How do I apply for work?

Email your details to apply@group1staffing.com.au or go to our APPLY NOW section. Once we have received your information we will assess it in relation to our current vacancies and make a suitable interview time.

What sort of work do you have?

All areas of business, including Operational and Accounting Support staff within ALL industry sectors. We also provide staff to the industrial and event sectors such as pick packers, forklift operators, laborers, process workers, mail house and scanning staff, as well as event set up specialists.

Do I have to pay to be register for work?

No! There is no cost at all to register with Group 1 Staffing.

Can I register for temporary and permanent work opportunities?

Yes! When you meet with a consultant from Group 1 Staffing we will discuss your requirements and search for positions that match your expectations, whether that is temporary, permanent or both.

When will I get paid for temporary work?

Each week you work on a temporary basis we require you to complete a timesheet. Once we have received your authorised timesheet you will be paid on Thursday following the week you have worked.  Please ensure you have your timesheets authorized and forwarded to us no later than Tuesday morning of the following week you worked.

When will you contact my references?

Usually referees aren’t contacted until the final stages of the recruitment process.  We will advise you of this during the recruitment process/interview.

How much will I get paid as a temporary staff member?

The hourly rate of a temporary employee is dependent on the skills and expertise they are required to possess to complete the assignment.  Further details can be provided by contacting our office.

What if I am unhappy with the position G1S  has discussed with me?

We strongly encourage ‘open and honest’ communication with all our candidates and clients.  If you are unhappy with any role we have mentioned please advise our consultants.

I am on a working holiday. Can I work for you?

Yes! Provided you have a current working visa and have provided us with a copy of it.

What do I wear?

It is advisable to ask your consultant about the work environment and what the expected uniform requirements are.

For industrial work we will provide you with high visibility workwear but you will be required to wear safety boots and clothing appropriate to the job. Tracksuit pants are never acceptable, nor is clothing with offensive slogans/pictures.

For office work, we will advise you if corporate dress is required, or basic office attire.  Even if there is an informal dress code, you must never wear open toe shoes.

What if I miss the timesheet deadline?

It is your responsibility to ensure your timesheet is sent by the date/time indicated wherever possible. However, if there is a delay please call your Consultant as soon as possible as there are no guarantees that you will be paid on time if you miss the deadline.

What if I don’t like the assignment?

If the assignment is not to your liking please call our office immediately after your shift ends to discuss any issues. We will help you with any concerns that you may have however if you would like to end the assignment it is important advise us so that they can notify the client and endeavour to find a more suitable position for you.

Do not under any circumstances leave an assignment in the middle of a shift.

Can I take time off?

As a casual assignment is generally a short term arrangement it is expected that you won’t need to take time off, except in a case of emergency. However, if you find yourself in a long term or ongoing casual assignment we will be able to discuss leave with the client you are working for and arrange for the time off.

Where possible please advise us  prior to the commencement of the assignment if you have any appointments scheduled and they will advise the client accordingly.